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Men's Activate Short
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Men’s Activate Short


    • Incredible value considering the performance, quality and style.
    • High quality materials and comfort focused design.
    • Features seen on top level products such as Tri specific pad and internal leg grippers.


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Product Overview |

The Activate range has become a staple of the triathlon world and has gained a reputation for being a very high quality product which offers extremely good value. The collection including the Tri suits, Tops and Shorts was launched in 2014 and has since been used by 1000’s of athletes all over the world.

Originally designed for beginner triathletes or for those looking for a great value suit to train with the Activate range has hopefully helped to encourage participation in multisport by give the new entrants to the market a high quality product but at an affordable price.

The latest Activate range is better than ever with new features to improve comfort and a new panel design to ensure an even better fit. The Tri suit is made from Lycra sport fabric to ensure longevity, breathability, comfort and performance.

Key Features |

Tri-lite pad: A made to measure race-specific triathlon pad. Not too big and not too small. Minimising water absorption and providing protection during the cycling phase, without impeding your swim or run. Also, new fine-line stitching to further reduce any irritation.
2. New Waistband: A new 3cm waistband design giving more comfort and support across the stomach.

3. Silicone UFO leg grippers – A very popular and unique feature of our Tri garments. These grippers are positioned on the inside knee of each suit to prevent any movement of the shorts whilst also helping to prevent irritation.

4. Stylish Flat locked stitching – Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.

5. Drawstring cord – Thin, comfortable cord to accommodate a wider range of waist sizes.

Perfect as a first ever Tri suit but check out the Zone3 Aquaflo + range if you’re looking for that something extra in terms of performance, temperature control and looks.

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