Drag Shorts

Drag Short  - Black - Cutout Front-2 Drag Short  - Black - Cutout Back-2
Drag Shorts
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Drag Shorts


    •  XFINITY which is 100% chlorine proof, made in Italy.
    • This fabric has fantastic shape retention, is breathable and fast drying.
    • UV protective (UPF 50+).


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Product Overview |

The Zone3 Drag Shorts are worn over normal swimwear and provide drag which will decrease your times in training but at the same time maintain your stroke technique. The double layer mesh design will have you noticing the difference very quickly.

Key Features |

Many swimmers look to wear these throughout training to make every length harder work. In time the swimmer will grow accustomed to this ‘drag’ and when the drag shorts are removed during time-trialling or a competition, the ‘taking the chains off’ feeling occurs which gives the swimmers both a physiological and psychological boost.

Another great advantage of these shorts is they have a really long life span and hardly wear! So you will hardly ever have to buy new training swim trunks (if you’re a man!) because no one will see the fading of your swim trunks beneath the drag shorts.

They also cater for a range of sizes because the drawstring can be tightened to the desired waist size.

Available in Black/Red and Trinity colour options.

Bañadores de Hombre       
28 (XXS)26-2866-7127042
30 (XS)28-3071-7637544
32 (S)30-3276-8148046
34 (M)32-3481-8658548
36 (L)34-3686-9169050
38 (XL)36-3891-96.579552

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